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OSH Avenue International Conference 2022 (OAIC 2022)
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Conference Theme :  FORESIGHT FOR SAFE

The focus of scientific debates on safety has shifted away from substantive assessments and toward risk perception, risk acceptance, and risk management. Various terminologies, paradigms, and notions emerged in the scientific debate on social science recognition in foresight. At the same time, ontological debates about security arose, with differing perspectives on safety. Process safety, occupational safety, external safety, rescue, and emergency safety are all distinct concepts. In this viable socioeconomic situation, safety is viewed as a shared responsibility and future opportunity. This pattern has been followed by a number of authorities in the field of safety, including regulatory agencies. In terms of providing feedback on the design of technology and organizations, as well as managing safety during operations, such learning has been extremely beneficial.

There are precautions and preparation for a safer environment, incorporating safety as a social value comparable to health, the environment, wealth, sustainability, and prosperity at all system levels and lifecycle phases. In several critical high-risk areas, safety management that is based on a systematic combination of learning from past events and issues, as well as analysis and methods for anticipating future challenges, appears to be relatively uncommon. Safety will be revalued as a strategic societal value, rather than a key performance indicator for businesses to be weighed against other operational factors like economy and efficiency. Safety is a public value, not just a corporate value, at the operator level. A shift from control to comprehension is unavoidable when dealing with modern, complex, and dynamic socio-technical and socio-organizational systems. This shift can be seen in the way we think about technological change and social development: in technological advancements in terms of disruptive applications and disruptive technologies; and in socioeconomic and social advancements in terms of risk awareness, perception, acceptance, and management.

Topics for the conference

  • Change Management for Safety
  • Automation and digital technology for a safer workplace
  • Occupational safety and health challenges of workers in a digitalized and aged society
  • Lifestyle for Safer and Healthier Life
  • From Resilience to Sustainability: Safety from academic to workplace
  • Dissemination of OSH knowledges and promotion of policy linkages

Event Timing: June 10th-12th, 2022 (Start at 10 AM.)

Event Address: SAMYAN MITRTOWN Building 944, 944/1 Rama VI Rd. Wongmai Phathumwam Bangkok 10330

Organized by: Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Public Organization) T-OSH

Contact us: (+66) 2448-9111 ext 603 or (+666) 1420 1371

E-Mail: oaicth@tosh.or.th

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